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Generala Bože Jankovića 21 lok.1

Niš, Srbija

Criminal law

  • Criminal proceedings, misdemeanor proceedings, exercising the rights of convicted persons while serving a prison sentence in Serbia and abroad.

Providing quality defense for crimes from the group of crimes against property, life and body, human health, but also from all other areas of criminal and misdemeanor law. During its operation, the office had several acquittals, decisions suspending proceedings or dismissing criminal charges. In the defense before the courts, the office is guided by the principles of not defending a crime but a person, analyzing each case to the smallest detail and looking at it from all possible aspects. Additional education in this area of ​​lawyers Krasic and Stamenkovic enables better defense in all areas of criminal law. In addition to defending the victims, the Krasic Law Office successfully represents the injured parties in criminal matters and exercises their rights in the most expedient manner, especially in cases of traffic accidents, domestic violence, bodily injuries and the like.

The office has many years of experience and many clients in the field of exercising the rights of convicted persons, who are serving a prison sentence, not only in the Nis Penitentiary, but also in other institutions in the Republic of Serbia and abroad.​

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